vICM Satellite Events

The 2022 ICM will take place virtually (with free participation) during the hours 9:00–18:00 CEST of July 6–14, with talks either live or pre-recorded according to speaker preference. Due to the limited time and resources available, the core vICM program will be kept to the bare essentials; the lectures will be streamed but without opportunity for questions or other audience feedback. However, the IMU encourages grassroots efforts to supplement the core program with additional satellite activities, both “traditional” and “non-traditional”. This page attempts to maintain an up-to-date list of all such activities. Note that these are all organised independently of the IMU. If you have any questions (or would like an event not listed here to be added to the list), please contact the organisers of the event or the maintainers of this page, namely Alexei BorodinMartin HairerTerry Tao.

ICM Public Lectures
The ICM public lectures are being hosted by the LMS. They will take place on July 8 (Geordie Williamson), July 11 (Elena Giorgi) and July 13 (Tadashi Tokieda).

Overlay satellite events

These are events allowing vICM speakers (sectional, special, or plenary) to give their talks in front of a live audience and to either upload the recorded lecture to the vICM platform or to stream it live to the platform.

ICM Sectional Workshop Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry, ETH Zürich, July 11–14 2022, covering mainly Sections 3 and 4.

ICM Sectional Workshop Geometry and Topology, University of Copenhagen, July 6–14 2022, covering mainly Sections 5 and 6.

Representation and Characters: Revisiting the Works of Harish Chandra and André Weil, National University of Singapore, July 1–15 2022, combines a traditional satellite conference with an overlay event covering mainly Section 7.

Dynamics Week in Jerusalem, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, July 3–8 2022 combines a traditional satellite conference with an overlay event covering mainly Section 9.

Probability and Mathematical Physics 2022, Helsinki, June 28–July 7 2022 combines a traditional satellite conference withe an overlay event covering mainly Sections 11 and 12.

ICM Sectional Workshop in Applied Mathematics, Imperial College London, July 8–12 2022, covering mainly Sections 15 and 18.

Virtual events

These are additional events taking place online, but outside the IMU's official vICM platform.

A Discord server has been set up to discuss the vICM lectures as they are being given. We encourage all speakers to join this server to interact with the audience in a more direct and extensive way than what is possible through the official platform.

(WM)² 2022, the second World Meeting for Women in Mathematics will take place as a virtual event on July 1–2.

The Short Communications Satellite aims to replace the usual short communications programme of the ICM. Note that this is an independent effort and is completely independent of the official ICM proceedings.

The LMS is hosting a virtual event for the vICM public lectures. These will take place on July 8 (Geordie Williamson), July 11 (Elena Giorgi) and July 13 (Tadashi Tokieda).

Regional events

These events are tied to a specific geographic region and typically feature local speakers as well as some of the vICM speakers from that region.

Japan forum associated with ICM 2022, RIMS Kyoto, June 13–14 2022

ICM2022 Down Under, Sydney Mathematical Research Institute, July 6–8 2022

vICM Days at MIT, MIT, June 13–14 2022, features a number of ICM speakers from the Boston area

vICM at MPIM, Bonn, July 5–14 2022, features a livestream of the vICM as well as some live speakers

Traditional satellite events

34th International Conference on Formal Power Series & Algebraic Combinatorics (July 18–22, India)

Geometric Representation Theory (June 27–July 2, Japan)

Operator Algebras, Dynamics and Groups (July 1–4, Denmark) [Note: several ICM speakers from Section 8 will present their lecture here.]

Differential Geometry and its Applications (July 17–23, Czech Republic)

Seminar Sophus Lie (June 12–19, Norway)

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